Stanislaus County Emergency Operations Plan


The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) addresses the planned response to extraordinary emergency situations associated with natural or human-caused disasters, technological incidents, and national security emergencies in or affecting the County of Stanislaus. The EOP serves as the basis for response as well as recovery efforts and activities within the County.

The EOP is based on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and its component parts, along with the California Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS), including the five functional areas of incident or event management, operational coordination, planning, logistical support and finance/administration support. Stanislaus County, as the Operational Area (OA), is responsible for fulfilling all responsibilities set forth in SEMS.

The EOP also identified Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) that represent core emergency response categories performed by agencies and jurisdictions with primary and supporting responsibilities within Stanislaus County. These may include public and non-government organizations. These ESFs are based on the State of California’s Emergency Function Annexes and the Federal Emergency Support Function Annexes.

2019 Stanislaus County Emergency Operations Plan

***During the update of the EOP and ESFs, we are requesting public/community review and comment. To participate and assist us in updating the plan, please review the Draft 2021 EOP and ESFs below and then click the Survey link to complete the survey.

  • 2021 *DRAFT* Stanislaus County EOP
  • 2021 *DRAFT* Stanislaus County ESFs